High-Risk Component Inspection Services

High-Risk Component Inspection Services -

Many insurance companies offer incentives and the promise of lower rates if they know that routine inspections have been made, and that leaks and potential flood hazards have been addressed.

Not all accidents can be avoided, but with our tailored inspection services, we can inspect and thoroughly check for many potential plumbing issues that may lead to flooding and major damage.

We will inspect all major appliances, as well as all toilets, valves, shutoffs, and water heaters, to assess their condition and recommend further action that may be required due to the condition, age, or general use and wear of each item.


Definitions of Inspection Rating Terms -

NEWCurrent conditions require no repairs or replacements. Check occasionally for signs of wear. Maintain as recommended by your plumber’s or manufacturer’s instructions.

iStock_000002782182XSmall(ok)OKCheck regularly for signs of wear. It is recommended that fixtures, valves, and supply lines be replaced when their lifespan nears its end. Do not wait for something to wear out completely before replacing it.

OLDItem is nearing or has reached the end of its recommended lifespan. Parts may be corroded, damaged,iStock_000001731024XSmall(grunge sink) or worn beyond repair. We recommend replacing or repairing immediately to avoid costly water damage or further corrosion.