We offer the following quality plumbing services: (Please note: We do provide free estimates on new construction, remodels, and new solar installations; however, our regular rates apply for drain services and service repair calls.)

Backflow Prevention Devices - Service and installation of backflow prevention devices for both commercial and residential applications. Backflow protection is required by both the Department of Water and the County of Kauai on properties utilizing a county water source to service swimming pools, ponds and water features, irrigation systems, or any type of commercial equipment requiring stated protection.

Camera Inspection -
Digital inspection of sewer pipes via a pipe-inspection camera, saving the tremendous expense of having to dig up and expose a sewer line to determine its condition.iStock_000009539931XSmall(drain)

Drain Cleaning & Repair -
24-hour on-call emergency services, including toilet and tub blockage removal, main drain line cleaning and clearing, broken sewer line locating and repair services, and burst water pipe repair. Also includes water heater troubleshooting and repairs, underground leak detecting, and under-slab leak locating services. We also do faucet and valve leak repair, and septic and cesspool troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.

Eco-friendly Consulting & Design - We provide on-site consultation and design services for commercial and natural home improvementresidential applications. Whether you’re interested in just finding ways to conserve energy and use less water in and around your home, or are looking to engineer a water catchment system or thermal solar hot water system, we can help. Contact us today for more info. Here are some questions we may be able to help you with: Are you heating your water efficiently? Do you have low consumption water-saving toilets and faucets? How often do you water your landscaping? Do you have dripping faucets or running toilets? Have you noticed an increase in your water or electric bills? If so, give us a call - we can help.

Gas PipingLiquid propane piping distribution systems for gas torches, BBQ’s, clothes dryers, fire places and pits, ranges, and water heaters. We are a certified installer of direct burial high-definition poly pipe and galvanized piping systems for above-ground applications. We locate and repair gas leaks, and are a licensed installer for steam lines and mechanical gases.

Leak Detection - Pinpointing hidden leaks under slabs, parking lots, driveways, houses, etc. We use a combination of plumbing expertise, as well as proven equipment and electronic sensing devices, to troubleshoot and locate leaks.

New Construction - We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and offer a host of new construction plumbing iStock_000007118215XSmall(tools)services such as residential single family-homes, multi-family homes and apartments, condos, commercial retail centers, kitchens, and restaurants. Check out some of our recent projects.

Remodels - Existing fixture replacement and/or reconfiguration. Replacing hot & cold water lines, and waste and vent piping. Targets include vacation rentals, condos, primary homes, rental properties, and second homes.

Re-pipingReplacement of old cast iron and galvanized waste piping and vent systems. Many old plumbing waste systems become problematic as they rot from the inside out, causing repeated untimely blockages and potentially hazardous and damaging leaks. We offer replacement of old galvanized or copper water piping systems which pose as potential flood hazards, as well as cause poor water pressure and overall fixture performance.

Residential & Commercial Service & Repair - There is no job too small or too big! From dripping faucets and custom homes, to restaurants and hotels – if it has to do with plumbing, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the job. We also offer high-risk component inspection services, energy efficiency consulting and design, and Water Tapmonthly and yearly maintenance packages tailored to fit your needs.

Sewer Jetting - High-powered water jetting. Great for cleaning the interior walls of waste piping. Recommended for yearly maintenance, and for pesky roots and grease blockages.

Solar Hot Water System Installation -
New installations of solar hot water systems, including both photo-voltaic (sun-powered) and Delta T (electric-powered) systems. We install solar hot water systems for swimming pools and spas as well.

Solar Repair - Repair of all makes and models of solar hot water systems. Pump and control troubleshooting and repair. Water panel replacement, troubleshooting, and inspections.

Water Meters - Installation of water meters and water main services for both commercial and residential properties, ADUs, and CPRs.

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