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“Readyman Services truly tries to put the customer first. They are great with educating you about plumbing and water usage. Their response time is second to none, and they are very neat and courteous while on the job. If you live on Kauai and need a plumber, there’s only one company to call – Readyman!”  ~ Erin D.

“I’ve used Readyman Services for big jobs and small jobs, and the result has always been just what I was looking for.. good, clean, professional work. It’s great to have a reliable plumber here in Kauai!”  ~ Ryan M.

“[Readyman is] always available or has a solution. EXCELLENT PROFESSIONALISM!”  ~ Scott J., Facilities Manager of the Aston Hotels

“Exactly what I want and how I want it. [N.W.] did a good job in referring you to us. Water is hot even on a cloudy day…”  ~ Eric Y.

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