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What NOT To Do With Your Toilet or Plumbing

This chip clip was wedged in the toilet so badly that we had to pull and replace the toilet. In fact, we had to bust through the toilet just to figure out what the problem was. The chip clip was found to be the culprit.

chip clip clogs toilet

This stick was pulled out of a “Clean Out”. (That’s the big pipe usually located outside of your house that allows a plumber or a Roto-Rooter technician access.)

stick in the "Clean Out"

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day 2011


GO GREEN—Purchase one of our eco-friendly products/services & save 10%.

SAVE GREEN—Purchase a solar hot water system between now and the end of June and receive 10% off the entire system. That’s an average cost savings of $500.00!!

GET GREEN—Take advantage of this limited time offer: Refer a friend and we will give you $100 cash upon completion of their system installation. There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

So call us today at (808)635-7713 for great savings!


Readyman Services Gets Certified by Green Plumbers USA

Kapaa, Hawaii – 04/30/2010 – Readyman Services, Inc. of Kauai is raising the bar yet again in what it means to be a green plumbing company.

The Readyman team has always been environmentally conscious, offering eco-friendly products, services, and consulting to their customers. And now, they’ve recently come back from attending an extensive training conference in Las Vegas with Green Plumbers USA, where they received certification in green plumbing practices.

Green Plumbers USA is an organization dedicated to raising an army of eco-conscious, earth-friendly plumbers equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Ryan Kimball, owner and founder of Readyman Services, Inc., has been familiar with Green Plumbers USA for years. He decided it would be well worth the investment of taking his entire family and team out to Las Vegas to get accredited.

“I wanted my team to attend this conference so we could all be on the same page, and so we could learn more about how to be effective green plumbers by being immersed in an intensive training course,” said Kimball. “You don’t necessarily need a certificate to show that you know what you’re doing when it comes to being a green plumber, but the accreditation proves our seriousness about this issue, and shows our commitment to doing as much as we can to protect the natural resources of our beautiful island.”

GreenPlumbers® training programs are designed to assist plumbers in understanding their roles in relation to environmental & public health, and to provide their customers with up-to-date information and advice on:

  • latest technology and energy-saving appliances
  • practical appliances & installation knowledge
  • environmental impacts of plumbing services, appliances, and household practices
  • consumer information
  • energy/water/cost savings (short-term and long-term cost comparisons and environmental benefits)

GreenPlumbers® training consists of a five-course, 32-hour accreditation in environmental and technical issues, including Climate Care (8 hrs), Caring For Our Water (8 hrs), Solar Hot Water (4 hrs), Water Efficient Technology (8 hrs), and an Inspection Report Service (4 hrs).

  • The Climate Care course includes gas emissions in home and business, hot water heating, energy consumption, and heating and cooling appliances.
  • The Caring For Our Water course aids in understanding the water cycle process and the new technologies and behaviors that contribute to increased conservation (including water-efficient products, reducing household water consumption, storm water runoff pollution and prevention, and an introduction to household water audits).
  • The Solar Hot Water Technologies instruction includes rebate information and retro-fit sizing and installation.
  • The Water Efficient Technology course discusses recycled water, rain water, graywater, septic tanks/wastewater treatment systems, environmental/public health/safety regulations, and an overview of the dynamic technologies that will shape future conservation efforts.
  • The Inspection Report Services course gives an overview of domestic and commercial water auditing, inspections and reporting, assessment and strategies, including water and energy audits, commercial/industrial and residential buildings, and creating a Master Plan for future improvements.

Readyman Services, Inc. has been operating as a green company for years.

“We’re proud to say that we recycle all of our cardboard, glass, copper, and metal. You might not realize it, but that statement makes us very unique among Kauai plumbers,” said Kimball.

With this new training, however, they’re excited to add a new level of professionalism, expertise, and awareness to their interaction with customers.

For Earth Day, Free In-Home Water Conservation Consultation

In Celebration of Earth Day…


 Get a Free In-Home H2O Conservation Consultation!! 

Any chance we get, we love to educate people on water conservation and management best practices, and introduce eco-friendly products.
That’s why we’re excited to offer a special promotion this spring to help you understand your water usage and to find ways to reduce it.

Because we’re a GREEN company, we’re running a 60-day special in honor of EARTH DAY. From April 22 to June 21, take advantage of our free water audit. We’ll examine your faucets, toilets, and other fixtures to measure your water consumption. When we’re done, you’ll receive a report on your water conservation habits. We’ll include our recommendations for energy alternatives such as solar water heaters or on-demand hot water heaters. Call us today at 808-635-7713 to schedule your FREE consultation.

Receive 10% off labor for any energy-efficient upgrades you make based upon audit recommendations.


My Love Affair with the Garden Island

 Taro field in Kauai Hawaii

I was ten years old when I was first taken….

That balmy November morning I awoke to the fresh aroma of a new day. The sun was warming my face as it highlighted the Garden Island that I would call my new home. I could see a rainbow over Bali Hai as I breathed in the smell of flowers and morning rain. The mist rose up out of the Hanalei Valley. This was paradise, and I was taken by it.

I had endured the grueling 24-hour trip from Boston with my family the night before. It had been dark when we landed, and there were later reports of my sleepwalking in the Lihue Airport. But now, this was my first morning on Kauai, and the incredible memory of my first impression still burns distinctly in my mind.

That was nigh 20 years ago now, and I am still taken by the beauty of this place! I am blessed to now have a family here, and have been managing a growing plumbing business for some 10 years now. Kauai has proven to be a welcome, safe place to raise a family. The community has opened their arms and accepted us both as members of a family-oriented community, and as service providers.

From its inception in 2000, Readyman Services, Inc. has always pledged to serve the people of Kauai with timely, courteous service at reasonable rates. Years have passed, and we still take pride in our exceptional service. In keeping stride with a developing digital age and a growing community, we are finding new ways to implement our expertise and to continue to hold your valued patronage.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new website, packed with information about our services and about healthy living practices that we hope will both educate and also encourage you to continue to take care of the land and its limited resources. We want this new site to be a valued hub you can rely on as we face a future of economic and environmental uncertainty together.

We appreciate each and every customer that has partnered with us in the past, and look forward to a bright future together. We thank our Kauai Ohana for sharing a piece of paradise. Let’s work together to keep Kauai green.

Ryan Kimball
Owner, Readyman Services, Inc.