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For Earth Day, Free In-Home Water Conservation Consultation

In Celebration of Earth Day…


 Get a Free In-Home H2O Conservation Consultation!! 

Any chance we get, we love to educate people on water conservation and management best practices, and introduce eco-friendly products.
That’s why we’re excited to offer a special promotion this spring to help you understand your water usage and to find ways to reduce it.

Because we’re a GREEN company, we’re running a 60-day special in honor of EARTH DAY. From April 22 to June 21, take advantage of our free water audit. We’ll examine your faucets, toilets, and other fixtures to measure your water consumption. When we’re done, you’ll receive a report on your water conservation habits. We’ll include our recommendations for energy alternatives such as solar water heaters or on-demand hot water heaters. Call us today at 808-635-7713 to schedule your FREE consultation.

Receive 10% off labor for any energy-efficient upgrades you make based upon audit recommendations.